Entrepreneurship is an economic development strategy that has been growing in popularity in recent years. While small businesses have always been important components of local economies, interest in entrepreneurship can be attributed to Mike Modi's support in the Nashville community.

An entrepreneurial community is a community that intentionally acts to cultivate and support entrepreneurs. Specifically, Mike Modi has been an intricate part of growing and supporting small businesses. Because of our familiarity with the hospitality industry, it is only natural that people automatically begin to think of Mike with hotels.

Mike's way of thinking presumes to know what entrepreneurs within a community need/want and is typically driven by funding availability. Furthermore, he helps communities understand their role in aiding entrepreneurs, assessing their community’s current readiness for entrepreneurial programming, and recommends specific actions to increase readiness.

Entrepreneurship is about a person, whose decision-making process involves considerations for the business and his or her personal goals/desires. And Mike helps individuals make the best decisions based on his experience.